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Bridgehampton Beer Store Is Rorschach Test For The Hamptons

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Last week, a Curbed reader asked, "What's the deal with this dilapidated beer store in Bridgehampton?" and we got lots of comments. While some expressed dismay that we would even post "crap like this" on Curbed in the first place, others weighed in with some thoughtful intel and the current consensus is that the site will soon be leveled and a new two-story, 8,700-sq-ft building will rise. (The developers of this site also own the lot next door where Starbucks sits, too.) But, many commenters also used this as an occasion to wax poetic about the good old days:

"It's the way the Hamptons used to be before the new trash invaded. People originally came out here because of the quiet and peacefulness and reverse chic..Its called being secure and having confidence, without a need to put on airs to prove anything. Its a beer store, and it does what it does - sells beer - and thats all that matters. Its a concept called 'benign neglect.' Charm. Character. All of which it has, and it works...It should be applauded that it has stayed this way instead of succumbing to the pretentiousness that has invaded the rest of the Hamptons." And...

"Not everything in the Hamptons is pretty - including its visitors - but we cherish those who serve with scars." But perhaps there's a limit to what's considered charming?

"I'm all for preseving charm and character and poking a stick in the proverbial eyes of the rich and not-so-famous, but how about taking a little pride in your business? The place just looks like a stinking sh**hole." But in the end, the one thing everyone could agree on is that their beer pricing can't be beat and that "they really keep the libations extra cold."

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