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Ox Pasture Road Goes Bold, Increases Price to $59 Million

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Which seller got a boost of confidence just in time for the well-heeled summer shoppers? Fomer Esprit Exec Juergen Friedrich, whose Southampton home just added $9.5 million to his sticker price. This isn't the first time he's played pricing roulette with his 18,000-sq-ft 12 bedroom, 12.5 bath compound on 9.11 acres. Here's a brief history:

· June 26, 2008 : $67.5 million
· June 29, 2009: $49 million
· July 1, 2009: $49.5 million
· June 26, 2010: $49.5 million
· June 2, 2011: $59 million

But beneath the bravado of a price increase right now for this once historical, now renovated and restored home is perhaps just deep rooted insecurity, like the lonely little rich child with all the toys who breathlessly tries to convince the new unsuspecting kid on the block to stay for a sleep over. But for a chance to slide down that sweet water slide, we'd be happy to indulge this architectural Ricky Stratton any day.

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—Charlotte Bayless