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Messy Divorces

Chef Laurent Tourondel can use his name once again. When the chef and his partner at his namesake BLT Restaurant Group split in a messy divorce last year, it wasn't exactly clear if either side would be able to open a BLT-branded restaurant again, but now a judge has just ruled in Tourondel's favor and he'll be able to use the BLT name and branding as he wishes. Still being disputed in the courts, however, is whether menu items from BLT Burger were "ripped off" by LT Burger (the "B"-free Sag Harbor restaurant opened by Tourondel last year when the name lawsuit was still pending), including the Twinkie milkshake, which is present on both menus. “Are you saying he can't call it a Twinkie, or he can't serve Twinkies?” the judge asked one of the attorneys. “Your guy didn't make up Twinkies. A Twinkie is a Twinkie.” [Crains via Eater]

LT Burger in the Harbor

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