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32 Henry Street Renovation Gets The Sally Spanburgh Treatment

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Sally Spanburgh is not a fan of 32 Henry Street in Southampton. On her Southampton Village Review blog, she goes into excruciating detail about what's wrong with the newly soulless house:

"The placement of the windows: too far apart in some cases, and without rhyme or reason except perhaps for interior reasons rather than exterior relationships. The outside edge of the porch beam does not align properly with the outside edge of the porch columns, an aesthetic rule which ARB board member Brian Brady normally picks up on, but which many architects must not be attuned to or care about. There is an awkward vent under the shed eave on the front façade, and the proportions of the divided lights don’t coordinate. There is no expressed hierarchical difference between the front and side porches, the roof pitch is too shallow, and the overall house lacks detail or embellishment." Oh no she didn't! Oh SNAP! 32 Henry Street just got served.

· Before & After #4: 32 Henry Street [Southampton Village Review]