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Waterfront Former Youth Center Flaunts Subdivision Potential

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Holy subdivision! The massive Shelter Island compound belonging to the St. Gabriel's Spiritual Center for Youth suddenly has a lot more going for it. The 25-acre waterfront property, which has belonged to St. Gabe's since the 1960s, just knocked $1 million off its $19.9 million asking price. Even though the PriceChop is marginal at best, it did draw our attention to a mind-boggling detail: the land can be subdivided into 21 home sites—the result of plans filed in 2009. But even if subdivisions aren't your thing, do consider buying the spread; a St. Gabriel's rep told Newsday a while back that they "need to sell the land to help pay for health care for their aging members."
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St. Gabriel's Spiritual Center for Youth

64 Burns Road, Shelter Island, NY