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Magazines of the Hamptons: Survival of the Glossiest

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The casual weekender might not realize this, but there's an epic battle taking place on every Main Street in the Hamptons right now. In the world of free glossy publications, stalwart titles like Hamptons Magazine and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens have just been joined by The Daily Dan and Plum Hamptons. Are there enough advertising dollars to go around? Or will these new publications go the way of Vox and Hamptons Style? Here's a roundup of the Memorial Day issues from the top East End titles:

From the Plum Network (née Plum TV), this new magazine was not greeted warmly by the more established titles because of the potential it'll gobble up a huge chunk of the zero-sum advertising pie.

Total Pages: 258
Cover Model: Christy Turlington Burns (Photographed by Arthur Elgort)
Editor: Cristina Cuomo
First 6 Advertisers: Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Valentino, BMW, Diane von Furstenberg, Vera Wang
Inside Back Cover Advertiser: HBO
Back Cover Advertiser: Chanel
Notable Contributors: Jay McINerney, Governor Mario Cuomo, Gael Green

· Digital Edition [Plum Hamptons Magazine]

From Jason Binn's Niche Media, this title has long been considered the grand-daddy of all the Hamptons publications (and their Memorial Day issue is perhaps their thickest ever). At their launch party, cover model Chelsea Handler admitted to the NY Times, "This is my first time in the Hamptons."

Total Pages: 378
Cover Model: Chelsea Handler (Photographed on a beach in Santa Monica)
Editor: Samantha Yanks
First 6 Advertisers: USA Network, David Yurman, DKNY, Baume & Mercier, Bumble & Bumble, Eres
Inside Back Cover Advertiser: Heineken
Back Cover Advertiser: Ralph Lauren
Notable Contributors: Gabby Karan, Gilles Bensimon, Catherine Malandrino

· Digital Edition [Hamptons Magazine]

Of all the Hamptons rags, this was the title that was probably the most leery about the new competition. Their graphic design and prose has greatly improved from last summer (although they still have a problem with allowing low-resolution photos to slip through).

Total Pages: 132
Cover Model: Beth Stern
Editor: Devorah Rose
First 6 Advertisers: Porsche Design, MaxStudio, Baume & Mercier, Poggen Pohl, London Jewelers, Judith Ripka
Inside Back Cover Advertiser: Bryant Park Hotel
Back Cover Advertiser: Blanc de Chine
Notable Contributors: None noted.

· Official Website [Social Life Magazine]

Another long-established title and one that tends to emphasize interiors (we enjoyed learning that Katie Couric collects vintage bugles). But for a magazine that's so visual, we wish they'd tell their printer to be a wee bit more careful with the registration.

Total Pages: 130
Cover Model: Katie Couric
Editor: Kendell Cronstrom
First 6 Advertisers: Harmonia, Restoration Hardware, Trunzo, Room & Board, Madeline Weinrib, Austin Patterson Disston
Inside Back Cover Advertiser: ABC Stone
Back Cover Advertiser: Kravet
Notable Contributors: None noted.

· Official Site [Hamptons Cottages & Gardens]

We're perhaps not the target demo for the premier issue of this glossy, which is a joint venture between Dan's Papers and Daily Front Row. We found their typography to be highly troubling and noted a few places where their fact checking was a little light (Sam Talbot is actually divorced). They were, however, 100% accurate with calling us a Bridgehampton in the "Which Hamptons Are You?" quiz.

Total Pages: 56
Cover Model: Hilary Rhoda
Editor: Brandusa Niro
First 6 Advertisers: Vilebrequin, Stuart Weitzman, Belvedere, Rose Jewelers, Corcoran Sunshine, London Jewelers
Inside Back Cover Advertiser: USA Networks
Back Cover Advertiser: Dior
Notable Contributors: None noted.

· Digital Edition [The Daily Dan]

Full disclosure (and a plug): Curbed Hamptons editor Nick Leighton is a host on Plum TV and also contributed an article to the current issue Plum Hamptons magazine. It's on page 58!