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Documentary Filmmaker Seeks To Preserve Andrew Geller's Legacy

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[Credit: Andrew Geller Archive]

Those unfamiliar with architect Andrew Geller, who is best known for his mid-century beach houses of the 1950s and 60s, can be forgiven: his vast archive of photos, drawings, 8 mm films, models, and correspondence is still waiting to be catalogued and preserved (and then studied).

But documentary filmmaker Jake Gorst has taken it upon himself to take on the huge task and has recently raised more than $4000 from mid-century modern enthusiasts (as well as singer/actress Patti LuPone, oddly enough) to kick-start the project. Gorst will also be filming the preservation process as part of a documentary he's making about Geller's life and work.

· The Andrew Geller Architectural Archive Preservation Project [Official Site]