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Top Dogs Nominees 7 through 12: Georgette, Daisy, Mojito, Alfie, Maggie, and Maya

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As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we asked for the best places to take your dog in the Hamptons. Tune in on Monday when we announce the winner!

Meet Georgette, a 2.5 year-old Beagle/Jack Russell mix who loves Old Town Beach. Her mom, Charlotte, says:

There is nothing better than biking down Wyandanch Lane with Georgette running alongside me to the Wyandanch entrance and watching her frolic along the beach, chase her ball into the water, and swim in the tide pools. I have never seen her happier. At the entrance, the bag dispenser is always well stocked, the beach is clean, and the dogs (and people!) are friendly.

Introducing Daisy, a Maltipoo who favors Westhampton Beach. Her dad, Steve, says:

"We take her there at night and we all watch the sun set together. It's a beautiful, dog friendly beach after hours and its the best way to end the day."

Greetings to Mojito, a 5 year-old Havanese. He likes the area near Maidstone Lane in Napeague. His dad, Noah, says:

"Mojito loves to run and collect drift wood there...and always finds new friends."

Alfie is a Beagle and, as such, "isn't into the water." His mom, Laura, says:

"He prefers lounging in the backyard of our Montauk house, but when he does go out, he loves Navy Road Park, where he can run after rabbits and walk out onto the pier."

Introducing Maggie, a mini French poodle "and a lady who never reveals her age." Her dad, Jonathan, says:

On weekends, her go-to spot is Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton.

Finally, a warm welcome to Maya, who's 9.5 years old. She loves Georgica Beach in East Hampton. Her mom, Jen, says:

"Her favs are eating seaweed and whatever other ocean remnants she can find." Delicious! Now a cabal of Curbed elders will deliberate over the weekend and, on Monday, we'll announce which beach spot is the best place to take your dog in the Hamptons!

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