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Now This Is How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Montauk

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We thought we'd cap off Curbed Outdoors Week with this spectacular home in Montauk, which recently dropped their price to $25 million. (It wasn't that recently, but we'd probably use any excuse to show off this amazing house.)

Perched on a cliff in Montauk and surrounded by the crashing ocean, architect James Biber has created a whimsical - yet well thought out - structure to compliment all of Mother Nature's surroundings. Heaven like vistas, privacy in the most unexpected spots, angles and colors to amuse the all adds up to one very magical outdoor experience.

Bonus Trivia: The guest house features outside entry doors that are differentiated by color; renowned interior designer Billy Haines implemented the same effect on Annenberg's Sunnylands estate in 1969 (with matching golf carts to boot). The reason? If a guest had indulged too much they could always find their room by looking for their color, so no embarrassing walk ins on in flagrante.

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—Charlotte Bayless