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Channel Mr. Darcy And Play Chess At This Would-Be Pemberley

As part of Curbed Outdoors Week, our thoughts turn to Jane Austen who, in her day, would happily (and sometimes not) indulge in a outdoor game or two. So, we'd like to think this newly listed 7,8000-sq-ft 8 bedroom, 9.5 bath home on 1.46 acres in East Hampton with its sweet and vast outdoor space would appeal to Austen's sensibilities. Features include a whimsical life size chess set (always a good barometer of one's upbringing) and multiple sitting areas amongst the manicured gardens (all the better for a spot of tea or for a good bit of gossip). There's also a romantic-looking nook underneath an oversized tree that demands an old-fashioned assignation. As for the sprawling lawn? It appears ideal for an active game of badminton or rousing round of Pétanque, all the better to observe the general physical health of a potential mate. In the evening, with the ocean breezes gently winding through tree limbs and the moon's cascading light wrapping all beneath in a dewey glow, guaranteed flirtations and possibilities of new courtships will be born. $18.5 million. Flowery prose not included.

· 19 Windmill Lane, East Hampton [Corcoran]

—Charlotte Bayless