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No Posers Allowed At These Sick Hamptons Skateboarding Spots

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In honor of Curbed Outdoors Week, we caught up with brothers Marley and Lennon Ficalora, who have just opened the Wampum Skate Shop on Main Street in Bridgehampton (which promises to be the skateboarding store in the Hamptons). Here what they had to say about their favorite spots to skate on the East End:


The Montauk skate park is located on Essex Street and is one of the best concrete parks on the east end. The park was designed by the legendary Andy Kessler and is perfect for the beginner to expert skater. There is a wide range of things to skate in the park from rails to bowls to a full size pool there is enough to keep even the most adventurous skateboarder entertained.


The Hampton Bays skate park is located in Red Creek Park and is great for all ages. The park is laid out on an asphalt surface with wooden ramps and has a half pipe, vert wall, street course and beginners area. The park has a reasonable entrance fee and is perfect for a fun day of skating.


The Greenport skate park is located on Moores Lane and has one of the best vert pipes on this side of the city. The park has a little bit of everything, from a double mini ramp with a spine to a well laid out street course. If your in the area, it's definitely worth it to check out this park to ride on some of the best ramps around.


The Amagansett skate park is located on Abraham's Path and is great for a day session of skateboarding. The park has a wide variety of ramps and is perfect for the skater who likes to make the best of what he has. This park can become addicting and after skating it once, you'll be coming back for seconds.


The Southampton skate park is good for the average skater looking to ride something other than the streets. If you break your board at the park you do not have to worry because you can always stop by the Wampum skate shop to get set up to be back on the ramps in no time. If your feeling the need to ride some ramps and are nearby this park it is worth the drive to check out.