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The Inexplicably Popular Big Duck Celebrates Its 80th Birthday

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The Big Duck (which, let's be honest, isn't actually that big) will be celebrating its 80th birthday on Saturday at the Big Duck Ranch. (There will also be a party at 230 Elm in Southampton on July 9th for those that simply can't make it tomorrow on such short notice.)

Located in Flanders on the road between Hampton Bays (aka the place where Southampton police tow your car) and Riverhead (aka the place with the outlet mall), the "literalist advertisement" was built in 1931 to help its owner sell ducks and duck eggs. Today, it's home to a "roadside collector's dream" gift shop that sells an exhaustive selection of duck-themed souvenirs.

Today (and because of this building), the term "duck" is often used by architects to describe any sort of mimetic building (be it in the shape of a basket, hot dog, or coffee pot).

Some fun facts:
--The duck is 20' tall, 30' long, and 18' wide.
--The eyes are made from Ford Motel T tail lights.
--Interior square footage is a cozy 165-sq-ft.
--It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

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