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Bridgehampton Polo Seeks To Dramatically Edit Guest List For 2011

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Bridgehampton Polo has never been one of our favorite Hamptons events (our taste tends more towards Watermill or ACRIA)...the annual, boozy field-side party has, in recent years, increasingly attracted D-list types like Michael Lohan, John Gosselin, and most every Real Housewife from New York and New Jersey. Plus, they haven't managed to rope in a major champagne sponsor for the last two years, which certainly doesn't help.

But for this year, the New York Post reports that "billionaire partners Peter Brant and Neil Hirsch have gone their separate ways" and now Brant is solely in charge of Bridgehampton polo (having bought Hirsch out) and is planning on making the event "less about attracting a champagne-swilling celebrity crowd and more about bringing in swanky society types." To that end, Noah Tepperberg's Strategic Group, which previously helped bring in those "big celebrities," is no longer involved and the plan now is to make the whole thing "more posh, like the Palm Beach Polo."

We still don't think anyone will actually watch the game, but for those that want to pretend, opening day is Saturday, July 23rd.

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