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Is This Where Chris Burch Is Going To Install His Big Jumbotron?

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Millionaire venture capitalist Christopher Burch (and former husband of Tory) is currently renovating his $8.55 million First Neck Lane home. How's that going? We asked Cully, everyone's favorite Hamptons aerial real estate photographer, to swing by and shoot the place from above, which he did last Friday. (Click here for a higher resolution version of the above photo.)

We were particularly keen on this flyby because burch is planning on installing a 10-foot-by-16.9-foot television in his yard. News of this $200,000 LED screen has, predictably, made his neighbors more than a little nervous about the possibility it'll turn the tranquil area into an outdoor drive-in or perpetual World Cup viewing party.

The company installing the Jumbotron clone insists Burch will only use it to display works of "beautiful art"; but since the outdoor TV will be connected to cable and the internet, many are placing bets that the screen will display far more Robert Pattinson than Robert Wilson.

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