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Esteemed Normandy Estate Whacks $4 Million Off Their Asking Price

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Mais, Non! Yes, yes it's true. On the market since January, the historical Normandy House, located in Southampton's estate section, has sliced $4 million off of the original asking price of $39 million. Sad! Designed in 1928 by Polhemus & Coffin, the 7,964 square foot home on 8.4 acres with expansive views of Lake Agawam features the requisite pool (with generously-sized pool house) and also comes with an adorable bonus cottage with an additional 2 bedrooms and 2 baths that'll ensure no bothersome house guests will ever be poking about the main house in the middle of the night.

We did wonder why an esteemed estate such as the Normandy House would cut down the asking price. Afterall, the home has historical significance, impeccable pedigree, elegance, and an front entrance unlike any other in the Hamptons. But when our thoughts turned to the neighbors, and one in particular's insistence to watch TV outside, we get it.

· 408 First Neck Lane, Southampton [Corcoran]

—Charlotte Bayless