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Avoid or Seek Out These Favorite Haunts Of Hamptons Locals

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Following a lively debate about a dilapidated beer store in Bridgehampton, Curbed readers challenged us to put together a list of some of the other places in the Hamptons that are local favorites.

Some begged us: "Yes, please compile this list of places. Places that I will AVOID like the plague. There is nothing worse than those smug, entitled, whiney so-called 'locals.' They're just about as insufferable as the summer traffic." Others said we'd be "doing the public a great service by publishing this list - yup, if it keeps the smug, entitled, whiney people from the City away from these places then I'm all for it, Bub."

Here are a few Curbed reader suggestions:

Murf's Back Street Tavern
64 Division Street
(631) 725-9749

Wolfie's Tavern
15 Fort Pond Boulevard
(631) 329-4800

Springs General Store
29 Old Stone Highway
(631) 329-5065

Mrs. Sam's Bait & Tackle
324 Three Mile Harbor Road
(631) 324-8686

Bucket's Deli
107 Newtown Lane
(631) 324-0747

17 Cameron Street
(631) 283-9417

Blue Collar Pub
813 County Road 39
(631) 259-3386

Fisherman's Quarters
87 North Road
(631) 728-9511

The Fish Farm
429 Cranberry Hole Road
(631) 267-3341

Shagwong Restaurant
774 Main St
(631) 668-3050

The Dock
1 Town Road
(631) 668-9778

Liar's Saloon
401 West Lake Drive
(631) 668-9597

Sail Inn
548 West Lake Drive
(631) 668-2800

Duryea's Lobster Deck
65 Tuthill Road
(631) 668-2410

More suggestions are welcomed in the comments.

Shagwong Restaurant

774 Main Street, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 3050 Visit Website