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Teens Prove They Can Afford Drinks Priced Higher Than Their Age

Like a real life episode of "Gossip Girl," wealthy high schoolers are regularly being caught up in a crazy scene of cocaine and Grey Goose at Nello's in Southampton, or so says the New York Post. The paper suggests that Nello Balan, owner the eponymous restaurant, hasn't been busted yet "because the nightclub titan is cozy with local police, hiring security firms run by top-ranking local brass who employ Hamptons officers and ex-cops as bouncers" and that 911 calls about the place are "routed by the dispatcher directly to Nello's private security detail instead of patrol."

Balan, of course, denies the allegations of drugs or underaged patrons. And the State Liquor Authority has no record of any violations at the club. "But we haven't done any of our own site inspections," said SLA spokesman Bill Crowley. "So any violations would have to have come from the police."

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