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Eccentric Billionaire Got A Better Bargain Than Previously Thought

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Previous news reports suggested eccentric billionaire Jeff Greene paid $41 million for Tyndal Point, that 55-acre parcel on North Haven that features 3,000 feet of sandy beaches, three homes, two carriage houses, and two docks (plus plenty of room for more of everything). But public records now show that he got an even better bargain than previously thought: The final sale price was just $36 million.

When it first hit the market in 2007, the sellers of Tyndal Point wanted $80 million. The price subsequently slipped to $75 million and then eventually to $44.99 million. But even at the discounted $36 million closing price, this sale is still one of the highest prices ever paid for a Hamptons property north of the highway.

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—Charlotte Bayless