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The Undulating Curve of Shifting Ruschmeyer Expectations

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Yesterday, we reported on the early Twitter reviews of Ruschmeyer's, a new Montauk playground for adults, which were almost universally positive. But what a difference a day makes! Curbed readers have now weighed in with some choice comments, including:

"Ben and Rob, whoever they are, have created one of the most abhorrent places that I have ever envisioned. Bright orange as a palette was finished before it even began five years ago and the menu is absolutely overwrought with pretentiousness. Will someone please explain to me how Spanish mackerel has anything to do with their desire to serve local seafood?" And...

"Rushmeyers $12 bucks a [bleep] vodka/soda, the reason that I never went back to the Surf Lodge and will never go back to THE SUMMER CAMP... How many people do all you new joke bar owners believe that you can attract at these prices. I caught a buzz for $120 including tip. Caught a buzz, that's it, in the future, I am headed to the booze store and the pizza place before you assholes get any more of my money. Good Luck with your new bars and restaurants, I will not ever return to Montauk after this summer. By the way, your staff should at least say hello." As a reminder, nobody is forced to go to Ruschmeyer's...visiting is completely voluntary.

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