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After 80 Years, Family Decides to Sell Cottage for $17.5M

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Wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and Southampton's exclusive Meadow Club is this circa 1880 shingle-style cottage known to some as "A Wee Ly Mor." Quite the name, huh? According to the property's listing, a man named F.H. Betts, who was once president of the Southampton Village Improvement Society back in the 1900s, originally commissioned the place for his family. In the 1930s, the Betts then traded the home to the Fulton Cutting family, who also used to own a ton of land in East Islip (now the Bayard Cutting Arboretum). We suspect that the Fulton Cutting family really digged their Meadow Lane existence since they're just now gearing up to sell the property. Yup, about 80 years later! (Fact: many of the finishes look like they haven't changed in the past 80 years either.) The oceanfront cottage is listed for $17.5 million, which is just about as staggering as all that history.
· Listing: 40 Meadow Lane [Prudential]