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Devorah Rose to Become Queen of all Hamptons Media?

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We recently overheard that the publisher of Social Life Magazine now wants to expand beyond magazines and get into the radio and television business on the East End this summer.

For those who don't know what Social Life Magazine even is, it's one of those party photo glossies that tends to pop up near the front door of the King Kullen this time of year. Their editor in chief is Devorah Rose, a savvy minx who recently gained a bit of national notoriety as Tinsley Mortimer's faux nemesis on the CW's docusoap, "High Society."

In summers past, the magazine has published a few issues and held a handful of huge parties at a rented house in the Hamptons (which invariably included guest's cars getting towed) and everyone seemed quite content with this. But no longer.

Publisher Justin Michell is now quite displeased that Plum Networks (née Plum TV) is going to be launching their own magazine this summer, thus taking a bite out of the relatively finite Hamptons advertising pie. Mitchell's strategy to compete with his new enemy? He wants to explore a collaboration or even merger with a Hamptons radio station and/or TV channel (perhaps WVVH?) to offer "multi-platform opportunities to their advertisers," which could very well involve a weekly TV show in the Hamptons staring Devorah Rose.

In the meantime, the pitch to potential advertisers will apparently emphasize the fact that their magazine is printed on matte paper, not glossy. Not sure if that's really enough to differentiate oneself in the marketplace, but we certainly can't wait to see!
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