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Ben & Robert Created Ruschmeyer's. And It Was Good.

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One of the most hotly anticipated places to hit the Hamptons scene this summer is Ruschmeyer's in Montauk. The hotel/restaurant/bar combo from the people who brought the world the Surf Lodge officially opened this past weekend and the buzz on Twitter has been fairly unanimous:

@Lock: "Group RAVES @ Montauk newcomer Rushmeyers: "It's a dream come true." Incredibly hot crowd. Drinking Summer Flings at picnic tables out back."
@EricaGimbel: "Never Leaving"
@AW89: "I'm so in love with it here"
@TheLastMagazine: "Ben and Rob nailed it with Ruschmeyer's!"

Surely someone went this weekend and has some complaints, no? Email with any contrary opinions.

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