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New South Pointe Nightclub in SH Will Have Confounding Décor

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A new nightclub called South Pointe will be opening in the old RdV East space in Southampton on Friday. According to Guest of a Guest, the puzzling design philosophy of the new spot will attempt to embody "old world class reborn with a modern vintage chic design" complete with ornate Victorian fabrics, crystal chandeliers, and a spacious Caribbean inspired tikki bar. Perhaps this will all make more sense after a few pitchers at 3:45am?

UPDATE: South Pointe, horrified by our artist rendering based on Guest of a Guest's report, wants to clarify: "The deck is inspired by the French Riviera (aka Saint Tropez), Marseille, and Coast of Spain (aka Alicante and Ibiza) and there is no tiki bar." Whew!
Here are actual photos of the place:

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