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Cottage Living South of the Highway For Less Than $1 Million

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Who says you can’t buy in the Hamptons south of the highway for under a million? Pshaw to those's a roundup of adorable cottages currently on the market in this price range.

Wyandanch Lane
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Town & Country Real Estate

Toil away the weekends a block from the beach in this 1000-square-foot beachy cottage with vaulted ceilings and skylights. But really the best feature? No bathroom sharing with house guests.

Ocean Road Unit 1
One Bedroom, 1 Bath
Corcoran Group Real Estate Co-Exclusive with the Lamb Agency

Light, bright, and clean with a working fireplace and only 400 feet from the ocean. One or two caveats apply, of course. OK, maybe three: No Children under 16, no pets, and board approval is required for this exclusive ten-unit co-op community. But isn't it worth giving up your kids and dog to live so close to the beach?

27 South Delrey Road
2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths
Town & Country Real Estate

For those that seek solace and beauty, this recently renovated fisherman’s cottage from 1947 screams authentic East Ender. No pool, but it's really about being one with nature, right? (There's room for a pool, though, if you simply must.)

Suffolk Street
2 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
Corcoran Group

Live like an artist in this renovated 1880’s cottage originally known as “Ice House.” There’s plenty of room for guests and a studio downstairs where you one can be neighborly and go about creating a replacement for those scandalous legs. Or simply luxuriate in the hammock poolside and have existential thoughts, and later take a swim to wash off said deep thoughts.

191 Rebadam Road
2 Bedroom, 2 Baths
Brown Harris Stevens

This cute little starter on Old Fort Pond may not be Casa de Rennert, but baby steps, people. With a private dock and room to expand, think of it as training wheels for one's inevitable beach compound on Gin Lane.

33 West Neck Road
2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths
Corcoran Group

The listing says farmhouse, but we say there’s nothing farm-like about this light and airy two bedroom. One can roll out of bed and easily land on a golf course or beach.

—Charlotte Bayless