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Saunders Agrees To Return Domain Names To Competing Brokers

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One of the most commented Curbed Hamptons stories last week was about Saunders Real Estate and how they had registered, the name of one of Corcoran's top East End brokers. Since then, it was discovered that Saunders also held the keys to (of Prudential Douglas Elliman), too. Until the brokers in question found out and raised hell, visitors to these domains were being automatically redirected to

But, over the weekend, Andrew Saunders of Saunders Real Estate concluded that their "very aggressive web strategy" might have gone a wee bit too far and that "it was improper." For Susan Breitenbach and Michaela Keszler, Saunders said they'll be giving the domain names back to them for free. Now everyone can go back to loving each other. Whew!

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