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Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board to Illegal Legs: Take A Hike

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The Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals has spoken: The 16'1" legs attached to the side of Ruth Vered and Janet Lehr's house have to go.

The controversial sculpture by Larry Rivers has been attached to their house on the corner of Madison Street and Henry Street since 2008 and is considered a "structure" under the local Village zoning codes. In order to bring the gams into legal compliance, they would need to be set back at least 34' from the property line and reduced in height to below 15'. Although the art-owners argued valiantly ("it's not permanently installed" and "it's art!"), their latest appeal has just been denied, which means this is likely the end of the road for the legs.

But what's being left unsaid, of course, is that it's really the risqué nature of the art that's the issue, not the height. As one overly sensitive neighbor put it, "this is not Greenwich Village."

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