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When the story broke yesterday that the Ditch Witch, a popular beach-side food truck in Montauk, wouldn't be returning this summer, most greeted the news with sadness and dismay. But this sentiment is apparently not universal, as evidenced by this Curbed reader comment: "Ditch Witch brought this on herself. She has run a full gourmet restaurant from a supposed hotdog truck for years, thumbing it to the health dept rules and the town, and made a mint on a town owned spot for years, but that wasnt good enough, greed/jealously got the better of her. She tried to intimidate many over the years, from "ScruffyPuppy" 5 years ago, when she and her thugs pranced into our wagon and warned us to get the hell out of the business, to "Mary Marvelous" last year, to "Montaco" more recently, to name but a few. We are so glad that your bullying tactics ended in your demise." [Curbed Hamptons Reader Comments]