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EH Town Backs Down: Ditch Witch Will Return for Summer 2011

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What a difference a day makes! After a public outcry, the Ditch Witch will be returning to Montauk this summer after all.

Late yesterday, news broke that the popular Ditch Plains parking lot food truck wouldn't come back this summer because they were denied a permit. But the community rapidly mobilized (which inevitably involved the creation of a Save the Ditch Witch Facebook fan page) and the Town of East Hampton Board of Supervisors quickly reversed course.

The Town rolled out a new bidding process for permits this year in an attempt to add sanity to an increasingly chaotic summer scene of food trucks jockeying to secure scarce beach parking spots. To that end, a four-person committee was selected to evaluate all the food truck applications based on their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent and the Ditch Witch came up short (as did the Beach Dog, another popular food truck in town).

But, because of the public outcry, the Town today says there was a "minor tabulation error" with the new scoring system and, since it's so close to Memorial Day, they'll simply throw out all the new permits they just issued under the new system. The consequence? The 2010 rules will apply again this year, meaning the Ditch Witch can stay. For now.

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