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How To Avoid Restaurant Siberia When Dining at Nick & Toni's

Swinging kitchen doors, milk frothing, bad lighting. These are but a few of the many hazards one can experience in restaurant siberia. But for those who want to avoid this fate, it helps to know which tables are the "best" in any given restaurant.

At Nick and Toni's in East Hampton, people who want the most optimal dining experience know to request either Table 20 or Table 8. The difference will depend on one's mood.

For those who want to definitely see and be seen, Table 20 is the best. It's the first table in the front room (on the left side) and offers the coziness of a corner but also the "perfect vantage point to see all the action." As the Zen k?an asks, "if you dine and nobody sees you, have you really dined?"

But for those who want a more private and intimate meal, Table 8 is the place to be. It's tucked away in the back room in a pleasant corner by the window, although the table is, of course, still situated in such a way that diners there are able to discreetly monitor everyone who comes in, too.

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