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'Cozy' Cottages Start Popping up All over The Market

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Across the East End, story book-style cottages are popping up on the market. It's a nook-and-cranny epidemic! Let's run through some of the most new and notable ones here.

1) The first culprit is in East Hampton Village, a little north of Newtown Lane. The Tudor-style home first wanted $1.095 million, but quickly shed $97,000, probably to check in under one million. Smart move! The cottage spans 1,800 square feet, leaving just enough from for three bedrooms and a stone-clad fireplace.

2) The second listing takes us to the other end of the island and the price spectrum. It's actually a compound of four separate cottages! The 1.25-acre Quogue estate offers 500' of bulkhead, two boat slips, and a relaxed "Nantucket feel." Priced at a whopping $8,699,000, the suite of cottages offers a grand total of 10 bedrooms. Room for everyone!

3) The last cottage sits smack-dab in between the first two, right in Southampton. The 900-square-foot home is the smallest of the bunch, but also the cheapest—only $899,000! The little home's ironically located on Little Fresh Pond, which will afford the new owner some solid boating and fishing. Like the first cottage, this one also offers a stone-clad fireplace, as well as all new finishes.
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