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Dolly Lenz 'Freshens' Things up to Help Sell Her $5.9M House

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When it came time to sell her 6,000-square-foot Water Mill home, Prudential power broker Dolly Lenz made the unexpected decision to co-list the property with Corcoran. Shocking, we know. But the bold move did little to help move the place, which first hit the market in June of last year for $5.495 million. With the season fast approaching, Lenz and her bipartisan team of brokers decided to whip out the oldest trick in the book: staging! Real LI noted the change, which includes swankier furniture and crisper finishes. To compensate for the "major redecoration," the Water Mill South home also took a trip to the PriceUpper, jumping to $5.9 million. The power of staging!
· Listing: 39 Cobb Hill Lane [Corcoran]
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