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Hillstone Allegedly Buys East Hampton's Della Femina!

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In March of last year, ad man Jerry Della Femina told the Post he's had it with the Hamptons. And not just because his annual fireworks display was a bust! Della Femina was not too pleased with last year's tax hike, and decided to sell his impressive oceanfront estate as a form of "protest." (The estate's still available for $34.995 million). But now it looks like Della Femina is taking the protest to a whole new level, allegedly selling his namesake restaurant to Hillstone Restaurant Group. Blog Hamptons Chatter caught wind of the story first, and adds "I'm not sure what the name will be here in the Hamptons, but I assure you the food will be awesome." Of course, there's always the possibility that Hillstone leaves the wildly successful restaurant as is. After all, the group does own several comparable restaurants—the Palm Beach Grill comes to mind—outside the Hillstone chain.
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