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$14.695M Spec House Takes Hold on A $3.3M Parcel

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The latest East End spec house to hit the market is this behemoth of a gambrel-style colonial, which is set for a 2012 finish. The $14.695 million property's listed with both Prudential and Corcoran, and checks in at anywhere between 10,800 and 11,500 square feet depending on which listing you consult. The builder behind the home picked up the nearly two-acre property back in October for $3.3 million, and quickly moved to demolish a 1980's home that originally occupied the land. And if these meeting minutes are to be any indication, it seems that the spec house breezed through Sagaponack's review board, only losing a cupola, finial, and accent window during the approval process. But c'mon! The odds of noticing a missing cupola on a house where home theaters, spas, gyms, and garages abound are pretty slim.

· Listing: 515 Parsonage Lane [Corcoran]
· Listing: 515 Parsonage Lane [Prudential]