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Ocean Road Colonial Secures Contract After $4.5M Discount

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Checking in at over 7,000 square feet and design by expert architect Frank Greenwald is this picturesque Bridgehampton colonial. The two-acre property, which can be sliced and diced into two parcels, first entered the marketplace in Febuary of last year for $13.5 million. The home boasts six bedrooms, a tennis court, and dramatic cathedral ceilings. But over time, and without a buyer in sight, the cedar-shake home began shedding millions: $1.5 million in March, another $1.5 million in September, and a final $1.5 million 'chop just a few weeks ago. Tragic, but it worked! Brown Harris Stevens just slapped an "in contract" on the listing! When it comes to epic Pricechops, seems like third time really is the charm.

· Listing: Bridgehampton South Estate Area [BHS]
· Listing: 899 Ocean Road [Saunders]