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Tepper to Tear down His Record-Breaking $43.5M Home

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[Photo credit: Sotheby's via Business Insider]

Say your last goodbyes to David Tepper's $43.5 million record-breaking oceanfront mansion! Newsday has word that the billionaire hedge-funder will tear down the 6,165-square-foot property and replace it with a much larger 11,268-square-foot one instead. In fact, the demolition's been approved and permits are already pending. So how can Tepper possibly justify this doozy of a decision? Well, besides being short on space, the existing home's ocean views aren't that great; apparently some pesky dune gets in the way. So Cooper Robertson Architects, who's been commissioned to design the new home, will shuffle things around so Tepper can enjoy the sunset from any room. See, it makes total sense!

Newsday got its hands on minutes from a recent Town Board meeting, which reveal a lot about the new house. Here are some highlights:

The new home would be a cedar-shingled two-story Georgian Colonial-style house ... The plan also features a sunken tennis court, three-car garage, a widow's walk, second-floor decks including one with a Jacuzzi, and a covered porch.No doubt the new house will be impressive. But who would have thought that the most expensive East End home sale of 2010 wouldn't live to see 2011?
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