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Is This Really The Face of A $6.95M Summer Home?

At first glance, this cape-style home might make you question the value of $6.95 million. Checking in at 2,781 square feet, the modest house doesn't really offer too much of a wow-factor. (Although the vinyl floors are kind of shocking!) But once you zoom out a bit, everything starts to make sense. The property offers two pristine acres of Southampton land, both of which afford "protected" views of the Phillips Pond and the ocean beyond. With all of the open space, the property can also handle a new 8,000-square-foot "with all of the bells and whistles. And even with the new house, there will still be enough room for a tennis court, pool, pool house, and detached garage. So how long until we add this one to the construction watch?
· Listing: 522 Wickapogue Road [Corcoran]