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2 Years and $1.75M Later, Quogue Waterfront Scores Contract

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What were you doing in December of 2008? Well, this 6,600-square-foot shingle-style home was just gearing up for the long real estate journey ahead. The property first hit the market over two years ago for $7.5 million. Ambitious? Apparently! After an entire year on the market, the home only had a $1 million PriceChop to show for itself, which left it at $6.750 million. And the next chapter of this property's journey tells the same story: another year, another million-dollar PriceChop, and still no buyer. Fortunately, all of the chopping helped woo a purchaser: the home just entered into contract, with the asking price being $5.750 million. Sure, it took an almost $2 million discount and over two years of waiting, but a contract's a contract!

It's doubtful the homeowners had to throw in the boat to help sell this place; the massive home offers some pretty high-end finishes, a unique double-height kitchen, and pristine landscaping. There's also a deep-water dock out back and a cabin-style loft space on the second floor. Perfect for soaking in views of Penniman Cove.
· Listing: Deep Water Canal [Saunders]