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Hamptons Denied Top Spot on 'Best Places for 2nd Homes' List

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Baron's just released its annual "Best Places for Second Homes" list, which ranks resort communities based on things like beauty, comfort, convenience, lifestyle, and value. So how'd the Hamptons place? Not well! Georgia's Sea Island and Maui took the top two spots, leaving the Hamptons in third place. Sure, the East End beat out twelve other hopefuls, like Palm Beach and Lake Tahoe, making this an honorable showing nonetheless. But what catapulted Sea Island to the top? According to Barron's, a spat of financial uncertainty followed by a wave of reinvestment in the island's namesake resort has created the "opportunity of a lifetime" to get a foot in the door. And that apparently competes with the "famed beaches, fine houses and exclusive restaurants of the Hamptons." With this in mind, our unbiased list would like something like, #1. The Hamptons; #2. Everywhere Else.
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