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Architects to Move Frank Lloyd Wright House from NJ to Sagg!

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[Bachman Wilson House. Photo credits: Preservation NJ; Tarantino Architects]

Just when you think you've seen and heard everything from the Houses at Sagaponac, the modernist Sagaponack North development goes and unleashes another game-changer. News just arrived that Tarantino Architect is willing to move an authentic Frank Lloyd Wright house to the development! Yes, pick up and move the circa 1954 Bachman Wilson House from Millstone, New Jersey, to one of the wealthiest zip codes in America.

Seriously, where to begin? Tarantino Architect purchased the home in 1988 and put it through a "complete restoration," which included redoing the kitchen "according to Mr. Wright's original drawings," restoring the Wright-designed furniture, and reupholstering everything with appropriate 1950's fabrics. Now, over 20 years later, the architects are willing to part with the home and send it off to our neck of the woods.

Summering in starchitecture style will obviously not come cheap; everything said and done, the relocated home, which is listed with Brown Harris Stevens, is asking $5 million. But this price reflects a house with much more than running (falling?) water. According to the listing, Tarantino Architect will "incorporate new sustainable building technologies, such as geo-thermal mechanical and solar energy systems." They'll also construct a separate guest house and pool, which will be in keeping with Wright's aesthetic. And hey, after leaving New Jersey in the dust, the commute to Sagg Main will be a hell of a lot shorter.
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