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Sagg Home Charges $3.5M More for Its New And Improved Self

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Just before summer 2010 ended, a standard shingle-style colonial popped up on the market in a desirable Sagaponack south location. At $3.95 million, brokers babbled about how the home was "priced for immediate sale." And they were right! It sold in about three months for $3.450 million. After a brief hiatus, the house has once again hit the market, but with a lot more to offer. The colonial's undergoing a total renovation, nearly doubling in size from 3,500 square feet to 6,100 square feet, plus an additional 2,100 square feet of basement space. And charging you $6.95 million for it! The addition will take the form of a new east wing, which will leave the original facade mostly untouched. The overhaul's set for a summer finish, which just goes to show how much can change during the off-season.
· Listing: 169 Erica's Lane [Prudential]
· Listing: 169 Erica's Lane [Corcoran]