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Stuff to Know About The Music to Know Summer Festival

The Music to Know (MTK for short...clever!) Summer Festival didn't exactly get off on the best foot: Amagansett residents were less than thrilled to hear that 9,600 concert-goers may descend on their quiet hamlet. But now that the concert may relocate to a more secluded site at the East Hampton Airport and more details are starting to emerge, it's hard to not get excited! So what's to know about MTK besides that it'll feature 20 bands per day for two days in August? Well, there'll be a significant food and shopping component to the event that'll include "more than a dozen local food service providers and restaurants," a "separate wine and beer tent" for local breweries, and "over 20 retail booths" featuring local and national brands. Food, shopping, and music? Sounds promising!
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