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Needless to Say, 'Noted Designers' Own This $5.95M Cottage

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Get an eyeful of this $5.950 million Gothic-style cottage in East Hampton's estate section. Would you believe it's been "owned by noted designers" for some decades now? (And also maybe this real estate developer, who's listed as an owner?) Of course you would! The four-bedroom home is decked out with an endless supply of old world finishes and accessories. And while the end result might seem eclectic, the persistent use of orange throughout helps give the 3,000 square feet of living space a unified look. Seriously, the mill work, the kitchen cabinets, and the throw pillows are all orange! Decor aside, the secluded home boats about an acre of land, which can handle "substantial expansion, a pool and garage."
· Listing: Antique Sale [Saunders]