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Tuckahoe Main Street's Scaled-Down Scheme Rejected By Town

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It's all over—in supersized form, at least—for developer David Morrow and his über-controversial Tuckahoe Main Street development in Southampton. Last night, reports the Southampton Press, the Southampton Town Board unanimously rejected Morrow's application for a special zoning designation that he needed to build even the scaled-down version of his original plan, both of which called for a 40,000 square foot supermarket that drew local ire. Because people hate food.

Nah, actually, because the site was zoned for 15,000 square foot maximum businesses with low traffic impacts, like furniture stores. Morrow has been silent on the news, perhaps licking his wounds, but given his ownership of the site, we'd expect something to get built here eventually. Do stay tuned for The Battle for Tuckahoe II.
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