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Kesley Grammer Walks away from Bridge Estate for $9.95M

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After months of speculation, we now know who's going to walk away with Kelsey Grammer's Farrell-design Bridgehampton estate: No one! Well, no one we know. In February, Kelsey's new ex, Camille, told Real LI "I have no idea" who will get the home. And she wasn't kidding. The Post reports that Grammer ultimately sold the house to an "undisclosed buyer" for the remarkably discounted price of $9.95 million. Brokers say the 8,000-square-foot estate is "a bit underpriced," which makes sense since the house was last listed at $13.9 million.

So what's newlywed Kelsey going to do with the proceeds? Maybe buy a new summer house! He says the decision is "entirely up to" his new wife, but adds "Everyone loves the Hamptons in the summer." (Emphasis added because everyone really does love the Hamptons in the Summer.)
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