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$2.9M Georgica Postmodern Moves over for $7.995M Spec House

You may not be familiar with East Hollow Road, but you've definitely heard this story before: nondescript home torn down to make room for spec house and hefty profit. Just a couple months ago, a perfectly normal home on East Hollow Road in the Georgica section of East Hampton traded for $2.9 million. Before expiring, the online listing noted that there's "lots of room to expand if you want." Well, it looks like the new owners took that tidbit to heart, as they wasted no time replacing the home with this 7,000-square-foot farmhouse. Besides the new $7.995 million asking price, what distinguishes this home from its predecessor? Four more bedrooms, four more bathrooms, 4,600 more square feet of living space, and pretty much just more of everything else too.
· Listing: 46 East Hollow Road [Corcoran]
· Listing: 46 East Hollow Road (Again!) [Corcoran]