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$9.25M Farrell Building Co Spec Houses Rises on Halsey Lane

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Joe Farrell's latest cedar shake work of art is this 6,200-square-foot spec house on Halsey Lane in Bridgehampton. The home is being built on a builder's acre (how appropriate), which was picked up by Farrell in 2009 for $2.45 million. Based on some old Streeteasy listings, it looks like Farrell's first plan was to build a similarly-sized gambrel home, whose $5.950 million listing became unavailable in December. Either way, the new home seems to be much more exuberant, coming with a 600-square-foot pool house, decor by interior designer Greg McKenzie, and landscaping by Glenn Lawton. And all that exuberance will cost you $9.250 million. Safe to say this home is shaping up to be the same type of estate that made Farrell famous in the first place.

· Listing: 363 Halsey Lane [Corcoran]