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Despite Wheels, Food Trucks May Need to Stay Put All Summer

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You might call last summer the season of the food truck. Everybody's doing it! And guess what? The East Hampton town board took notice, and is looking to make the whole peddling system a bit more bureaucratic. According to the East Hampton Star, the decision to get some new legislation going came after complaints of food trucks "tying up parking spaces at crowded beach parking lots" and hoarding otherwise legal peddler spots. If the legislation passes, food trucks will bid on the right to occupy one of 14 approved sites for the entire summer. No trades allowed!

Another interesting component of the legislation is that the bids of food truck hopefuls will be evaluated on a "point system" that awards points for things like "'green' packaging materials, sale of healthy food, and hiring local employees." Say what you want, but at least the town board is up on current buzz words.
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