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Captain's Neck Lane Ranch Upgrades from Shipmate to Admiral

You might say a '50s ranch in the estate section hasn't really fulfilled its destiny until a builder tears it down and puts a spec house in its place. And that's exactly what happened to this modest ranch on Captain's Neck Lane: it's rising the real estate ranks before our very eyes! Salute your superiors! The original home only spanned a relatively modest 1,600 square feet, and failed to offer luxuries like a pool and cabana. But the new owner, who paid $2 million for the ranch back in October, totally ups the ante, adding around 6,000 square feet in living space, a pool, ten-foot ceilings, a second floor, and even a pool house. So how much to take command of the new compound? A cool $5.950 million.

· Listing: 33 Captains Neck Lane [Corcoran]