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Everything Still Coming up Green at Sagaponack Greens

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With all this talk about the Sagg Foursquare, it only makes sense to refocus on the 41-acre swath of land it used to call home. The land, which has been subdivided into eight home sites and a 25-acre reserve, now goes by the name Sagaponack Greens. And for good reason! Broker Gary DePersia informs us that a fifth lot, which was listed for $5.495 million, is now in contract. With only three parcels left, DePersia explains, "The only way is up for these parcels. There is a limited supply of such pristine land, in such close proximity to the ocean, and, in America’s most prestigious town. The vision behind Sagaponack Greens is getting closer to fruition." Yeah, and we're getting closer to see builder Michael Davis put the finishing touches on his $19.5 million take on Lot #1. Fun for everyone!
· Listing: 237 Hedges Lane [Corcoran]