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An Unbelievable Oceanfront Parcel in Sagg Washes up for $25M

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[Photo credits: Alex Ferrone, Gotham Photo Company]

How to make an impact on the Sagaponack land market? Unleash a 13-acre oceanfront parcel, and price it at $25 million! That's exactly what we have here, folks: a massive tract of land, which has been divided into eight continuous lots, that opens up to a small pond and the ocean beyond. To sweeten the deal, the property also comes with frontage to a 50-acre ag reserve and an extremely charming five-bedroom house. (But does it have insulation? Unclear!) Property records indicate that the listing's attached to the estate of the late James Trees, who—among many other things—"founded and chaired the Grand Canyon Trust." So one might call this property the Grand Canyon of East End real estate.
· Listing: 155 Trees Lane [Prudential]